Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sweet Pea baby card

This card was made with my Imagine & Cricut Craft Room.

The patterned paper,  Sweet Pea tag and all flood filled colors are from Nursery Tails. I flood-filled a 5.5 X 4.5 rectangle with the patterned image and then cut it down to 4 X 5. This was glued on to the front of a pink 4.5 x 5.5 card.

 The tag is cut at 2". To get the layering, I placed 2 of the tags on the mat. Using the edit feature, I separated them into layers. On one of the tags, I deleted the green oval and the bunny. After that I re-combined the remaining layers. The other tag I cut out all the pieces and discarded all but the bunny and green oval as for some reason I couldn't get the bunny to cut out right if I didn't. Glue the "sweet pea" oval on top of the green oval and attach bunny with a pop dot. I put a little bit of icicle stickles on the butterflies and center of the flowers.
"For Your" was done with the font from Elegant Cakes cut at 2". I welded the shadow and filled it with a brown . I also cut the shadow out of chipboard. "For" was filled with a green and ""Your" was filled with a pink . The shadow layer was glued onto the chipboard and the "For " and "Yours" on top of that.

For the single butterfly, I used Kates ABC's. It was cut at 1" I cut 1 body and 2 wings. The body was filled with brown and the wings with peach. I glued 1 wing on to the body and used a pop dot the attach the other. The wing on top was outlined with icicle stickles and I also put a little on the body.

The green strip is a shadows layer from Elegant edges. I took 2 images cut at .75 x 4.25, welded them together and filled it with green. I then ran it through my cuttlebug using swiss dots. It was cut to match the size of the patterned paper

For the bow I used a 1" white organza ribbon and used a glue gun to attach it.

If you would like the CCR file, click here

Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's been quite awhile...

since I've posted anything. I thought It's time post something new. I made this card for my grandson's 4th birthday yesterday.

I used Cricut Craft Room and my Imagine. Lightening McQueen is cut at 2 inches. I used Narelle's method again to print and cut all in one layer. There is no need to cut out the tire layers since they are black and the bottom layer is black. For the red, yellow, orange, white , and black I used the colors that are already built into CCR. The exhaust pipe is a gray from the JT cartridge. The inside of the wheel is a brown from Better Together. , I used RGB codes 164-177-207 for the windows , 115-150-201 for the eyes, and 163-57-4 for under the Rustees letters. Kachow is cut at 1" and the colors are the same as used on McQueen. I used the computer for "It's your Birthday" I used the Arial Bold font printed at 11pt. I mounted McQueen with 3D gluedots and my tape runner for the saying and Kachow.